We went from having our 4-month-old need to be rocked and bounced to sleep for lengthy amounts of time to where we are today, with a 5-month-old that we put down awake in his crib and he falls asleep.  It has been life-changing for us, we now have time to ourselves in the evening and improved sleep for everyone in the house.   It has definitely been a game-changer for us! -Kelly


personalized sleep training that will

have your baby sleeping through the night

Scrolling in the middle of the night again? Wondering,  “When will my baby sleep? When will I ever get a good night’s sleep again?”

We get it - when your baby isn’t sleeping, no one’s sleeping.

Which leaves you: Exhausted, Frustrated, Overwhelmed, and Confused. You wonder - does it have to be this way? 

Here’s the thing, just because you have a baby in the house does not mean you can’t get a restful night’s sleep!

It may seem impossible right now but take a deep breath - help has arrived.

With the help of our Seattle Sleep Consultants, you can have your life back in just 2-3 days!


  • Laying your baby in their crib for the night and they sleep for 11-12 hours
  • A calm bedtime that takes minutes instead of hours
  • Naps that are predictable, longer, & more restorative
  • Time for you and your partner to reconnect

Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?

I could not have been happier with the results, as I am writing this our 5-month-old is sound asleep, during the day is happy, constantly giggling and hitting her milestones like crazy!

She was supportive and kind throughout the entire process. I would recommend Tiffany in a heartbeat. She was everything I could have dreamed of and now I actually get to dream again! - Rachael


our customized sleep programs will

change the game for your family

If you’ve felt helpless after researching online programs or reading books, relax - this is different - and it works.

Here are the highlights below, click here for more in-depth details

Customized: We provide personalized sleep training that will change the game for your family. We like to think of ourselves as sleep coaches - meaning we’re with you in the trenches, helping you train your baby to sleep with our 1:1 support and individualized approach.

Real-Time Support for 3 Full Days: Our Seattle Sleep Coaches either come to your home or are connected virtually with web-based monitors to help train your baby in real time - We stay with you in your home or virtually for 2-3  straight days, offering the training and practical help you need to teach your baby to sleep. This is intentional training with lots of communication along the way.

Training Each of our consultants is certified in the method created by Mommywise  - a leader in sleep training for babies. Mommywise was created by a parent, for parents in 2010 and continues to help families get back to bed. Their training is revolutionizing the way babies are sleep trained, and we’re excited to bring their customized approach to the Seattle area.  

Ready for the relaxing night's sleep you and
your baby deserve?

I will forever be grateful for Tiffany and the work and confidence she's put into my son to get him to sleep. The first night is always tough, but he did it, he slept through the night the first night, the second night and third night and he slept for me on his fourth night and fell asleep the instant I put him down--even giving me a smile. . .  this is all thanks to Tiffany. She truly goes out of her way and gives you the confidence you don't have. I really cannot believe my baby is sleeping and that I AM SLEEPING. I called many sleep coaches, and after my consult call with Tiffany, I already felt less worried and fearful of the process and stole the earliest availability with her. She came two days later, and left my home after a full 72 hours. But she left me with a transformed baby; and many many restful nights and days ahead. -DM

Our Customized Seattle Sleep Training Packages

Basic Sleep Training Program

  • Perfect for minor changes and families who have sleep trained other children
  • 48 Hours In-Home Support
  • 3 Scheduled Coaching Calls
  • 4 Weeks Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Classic Sleep Training Program

  • Our most comprehensive option, ensuring the highest level of success- this is ideal for new parents who want a little extra support after their baby is sleep trained.
  • 72 Hours In-Home Support
  • 3 Scheduled Coaching Calls
  • 4 Weeks Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Virtual Sleep Training Program

  • Perfect for families that have some confidence in working through the process, but still want our eyes and ears for 2 full days & nights.
  • Weekend availability! As you can imagine, our in-home weekend availability fills quickly. This allows us to support you quickly so you don't have to wait for an opening.
  • 3 full nights and days of round the clock support via web-based monitors and realtime communication with your coach
  • 3 Scheduled Coaching Calls
  • 4 Weeks Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Are you ready to experience sleep again? Yes, I’m ready to hear how Seattle Sleep Training Consultants can help me get back to sleep!


"I never felt uncomfortable or hesitant to ask even the dumbest of questions or tell her how I was feeling, no matter how silly I felt.  She felt like an old friend I could tell all my fears and hopes. She got us through the hardest parts of sleep training and celebrated our triumphs with us.  It was an amazing experience!" -Tessa

got questions?

we've got answers

What if I have more questions?

We’re here to help! Get in touch with us to setup your free sleep consultation and we can answer all your questions as well as give you info on next steps.

Ready to change your life and get the sleep you and your baby deserve?