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Seattle Sleep Trainer

Every family deserves to reach their sleep training goals without feeling overwhelmed, sleep deprived, or confused.

Here at Seattle Sleep Trainer, our goal is to support each family through the sleep training process so that we can prevent parental “depletion” caused by sleep deprivation. We bring the highest level of support to each family to make sure every single family finds success and reaches their goals.

Our owner, Tiffany, knows the effects of sleep deprivation on families and has experienced this common parenting scenario with her own children. She remembers being told to “just shut the door” and let her baby cry, being shamed for co-sleeping, and being confused by all the conflicting sleep training methods in books. And, she remembers how her entire outlook on parenting shifted once she was able to get more sleep.

NYC’s best sleep training program, now available in the Pacific Northwest

After years of supporting families as a postpartum doula, helping them get better sleep, but not seeing consistent results from the methods they chose, she jumped at the chance to learn from Natalie Nevares, the founder of Mommywise in NYC. She was even more excited when she was chosen to train in Mommywise’s highly selective training program, and bring such high-level support to the Seattle and Portland areas. Tiffany first brought her new skills as a Mommywise Certified Sleep Coach Birthing Stone in Portland, and is so thrilled to be offering the same great support for families in Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest through Seattle Sleep Trainer. We’ve been able to repeatedly witness the incredible results this method has achieved for families. 



Happier and healthier families are our why

Our sleep coaches continually see the lasting effects that sleep training can offer families. We see babies reaching developmental leaps more quickly, parents reporting their babies are happier, and that they feel more bonded to their baby. We see parents getting evenings to spend with one another, or to enjoy some relaxing time alone. Parents share with us that they feel more confident in their parenting and more sure of their baby’s needs. You can read more here about all of the positive changes our coaches regularly see during and after sleep training.

And we are proud to say we have a 100% success rate of babies sleeping through the night by the end of our programs. That’s why we guarantee that your baby will be sleeping better as a result of working with us. As a parent, the peace of mind (and peace at night) we bring to your home is one of the reasons we consistently get testimonials from our past clients like this:


Tiffany and her team are amazing. Tiffany is a great communicator, and I trust her and her team with our newest little one. They are so professional, calm, and knowledgeable about babies. Thank you for all of your overnight and postpartum support. We were able to get more sleep, have a baby with better sleep habits, and enjoy our baby more. They are worth every penny. Only regret? Not having their services when we had our first. -Chris



meet leja


As your doula, my goal is to help you prepare for birth and parenthood in as many ways as possible. I support the choices that express the needs of you and your family by cultivating your own knowledge, self-awareness, and motivation as well as providing you and your partner with my full support and gentle guidance throughout the entire journey of birth to parenthood.

 Ways my friends describe me are, relate-able, loyal, self-aware, grounded, nurturing, trustworthy, strong and positive smart-ass. I love to laugh! My doula journey started in 2015 at Birthingway College of Midwifery here in Portland. Embracing birth doula work and life, I quickly moved on to learning how to continue supporting families as a postpartum doula. I have continued to grow my experience working with families as well as valuable trainings. Today I am grateful to be a board member for the Oregon and Portland Doula Associations facilitating doula education, legislation & connections within the birthing community.
When I'm not doing birth work, I'm busy being mama to my one & only kind-hearted & outgoing little girl. We love finding new places to hike and explore with our dog. Summer days will usually find us playing in our favorite swimming hole and picking berries. I enjoy preserving the harvest and strive to live in a sustainable manner. I cannot live without music, all kinds, seriously. As your doula I am honored to provide guidance in growing your family with confidence!


As a doula,  I am always honored to be invited to a birth to hold the space for families to have an empowered and positive birth and parenting experience. 

Intuition, patience and an open mind are the foundation of my support to you. My goal is to build a relationship of open communication and trust within your care team. My previous professional history wholly compliments my doula work. I managed non-profits working with adults with intellectual disabilities providing me with years of experience supporting people in making their own informed choices and making their voices heard.

My current focus in Birthing Stone is supporting all of our families in finding the perfect match of services and doulas. I also love offering our in-person sleep coaching to help families get the important sleep they need.

Ongoing education and training is important to me. I have completed two doula certifications, an intensive internship through Mother Tree Birth, and attended many ongoing education trainings. I advanced my labor training by completing the Spinning Babies workshop, HUG trainings, and lactation education modules. I am also trained and experienced in postpartum care, and facilitated the postpartum doula training at Birthingway College of Midwifery for several years. I am a former Faculty for the labor doula division of CAPPA- and international organization for training doulas and childbirth educators.

I’m a mom of two rambunctious, loving and smiling little boys. We enjoy gardening, heading to the beach with our springer spaniel, Jackson, and baking. My partner & I relish in date nights- which usually include trying new great food and exploring Portland. 

Are you ready to find out how we can help you and your family get back to sleep and wake up rested and recharged?