Baby Sleep Training

"I feel wonderful when I wake up in the morning because I'm getting solid sleep. I'm laughing with him- not just going through the motions. And I think he is feeding off that. That's a huge gift! I'm really enjoying being a mom."

sleeping through the night

With our In-home Sleep Training

Our Seattle Sleep Coaches will be right beside you

Right now you're somewhere in the sleeplessness of parenthood- maybe wishing for shorter bedtimes, longer naps, or to finally have a long stretch of sleep at night.

You don't have to do this yourself.

We're here to help you change all of that. Our in-home sleep training support is the highest level of guidance possible, without just doing the work for you.

From the detailed assessment, to in-the-moment support in your home, you'll feel listened to and cared for, knowing we're tailoring our guidance to you and your baby.

Having your coach staying with you means in-the-moment conversations based on what your baby is doing right then! Your coach will offer gentle coaching based on their observations and tailored to you and your baby. They'll even care for your baby overnight so you can get some much-needed rest right away!

By the time your coach leaves you'll have a deeper understanding of your baby's needs, confidence in helping your baby sleep through the night, and feel prepared to navigate the next steps.

I feel human again! My baby has slept through the night everynight since you left. And I get to sleep in the same room as my husband again! Thank you! - Shannon, mom of 12-month old

Thank you for what you've done for my family-empowering not just {our baby}, but for me too. When she was born I had lost confidence as a mom. Now I feel empowered and confident!" mom of 5 month old


4 Nights and 3 Days In-home Sleep Coaching

4 nights and 3 full days with our sleep specialists at your fingertips to answer your questions in the moment, to see what you're seeing, and to help you make adjustments in real-time!

Sounds incredible, right? And you still have quick and easy access to your coach for a full 4 weeks afterward.

This package is right for you if:

  • You appreciate expert help & want to harness that to help your baby sleep
  • Want an option for twin support
  • Your baby is making big changes (like moving from co-sleeping to their own bed).
  • You are experiencing anxiety and/or depression
  • You are night weaning/cutting down on nursings at night
  • Just want to make sure you get as much help as possible


  • 4 Weeks of Support

  • Detailed Assessment and sleep history

  • 4 nights and 3 full days of in-home sleep coaching

  • Steps to implement before your coach arrives

  • Ability to sleep at night while your coach cares for your baby *optional, but most people want to sleep as quickly as possible

  • Customized guidance and ongoing written plan based on your baby's individual personality and needs

  • 3  follow up coaching calls

  • Unlimited emails throughout the 4 weeks we work together

  • Final plan for your baby's next stages
  • $7500

 Tiffany stayed with us for the full three days and guided us back to sanity with her gentle, firm, and very informative style of communication and teaching. She was comforting and clear with her directions and suggestions. We loved having her at our house for full time support and then appreciated the follow up calls and emails. It's been over a month now since she left and our baby sleeps through the night with two naps a day. 


Live Virtual Sleep Coaching

Think of this as the "Peloton" of sleep training! As close as you can get to having a live trainer in your home!

This virtual support package gives you our highest level of professional in-the-moment help possible without actually being in your home! Your personal sleep coach will work directly with you via video and phone for the first 48-72 hours of implementing your plan. Your coach will be able to observe your baby's unique sleep needs via shared wireless monitor ensuring that nothing is overlooked that could challenge your baby's progress.


  • Includes everything our in-home support includes- A coach working with you in real-time via monitor and phone. . . Yes! Even overnight
  • A full month of follow-up support
  • Detailed Assessment
  • Customized, written plan based on your baby and your parenting style
  • Professional Tips for your baby's age and development
  • 1 weekly coaching call/check-in per week
  • Unlimited email support/ text
  • Final plan for your baby's next stage
  • $7500

She felt like an old friend I could tell all my fears and hopes. She got us through the hardest parts of sleep training and celebrated our triumphs with us.  It was an amazing experience.

Your sleep coach will guide you through sharing about your baby's sleep during your 45-minute sleep assessment to make sure that your coach has as much information as necessary to help your baby and create a plan that will work for you.


"I can't thank you enough! The change that's happened in such a short time is incredible- my husband and I are blown away!" - Mom of 4 month old